Training for Adult Leaders

Every Scout deserves a trained leader, and trained leaders help our Scouts develop leadership skills and ensure that we as volunteers deliver a quality program. The Chattahoochee Council requires certain training courses for recharter and recommends others; please see each Scouting program navigation link for a list of those courses. More in-depth information about the various training programs, and other BSA-provided training opportunities not mentioned here, is available at

Delivery methods

These courses are offered in a variety of delivery modes, which include conventional face-to-face, classroom-style courses; hands-on outdoor experiences; and Internet-based, multimedia sessions.  Online courses (available at require a login and, for registered leaders, their BSA registration number, to ensure they receive proper credit for completing the course. Your Membership ID

If you are visiting the Online Learning Center and creating an account for the first time, log on to and select the “Create an account” button.  You may also view an account creation demonstration video for more details.

One need you’ll have when creating your membership profile is your Membership ID number. If you lack your Scouting Membership ID number, please obtain it before completing your online training. To obtain your number, contact your unit leader or committee chair, or Saugahatchee District Training Chair Michael Tullier (334.844.1324 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to obtain your number.

Before you finish creating your account, ensure you have selected “Chattahoochee Council” for your council information will ensure your completed training is automatically updated with the council. The combination of that and your Membership ID will alleviate you of the need to print out verification and submit it to the district training chair and council office.

Youth Protection Training

There are two versions of Youth Protection Training: one for Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Varsity Scout leaders, and one for Venturing leaders. If you have responsibilities in Venturing and any of the other three Scouting programs, you are not considered fully trained until you complete both programs.  Youth Protection Training must be completed every two years; annually for those staffing a Scouting camp.

“Trained” leaders

For leaders with direct-service responsibilities, Chattahoochee Council’s required training courses ultimately lead adult leaders to completing the basic training requirements for their position. Leaders completing these requirements can wear the “Trained” strip on their uniforms.  Through advanced training and other program support, adult leaders can become eligible for a number of training awards.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Required and recommended training is offered by the district in addition to the Chattahoochee Council and other districts in the council.  Saugahatchee District leaders will be notified as training opportunities as they arise; however, please consult the district calendar and council calendar to learn of opportunities and updates to those planned events.

Cub Scout Training

Required Training

All registered Cub Scout leaders – direct service and pack committee – are required to complete Youth Protection Training (Y01), which can be completed online.

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Boy Scout Training

Required Training

All registered Boy Scout leaders – direct service and troop committee – are required to complete Youth Protection Training (Y01), which can be completed online.

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Venture Training

Required Training

All registered Venture Crew leaders – direct service and crew committee – are required to complete Youth Protection Training (Y02), which can be completed online. Please note that Venturing Youth Protection Training is different from the Youth Protection Training completed by Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Varsity Scout adult leaders.

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Supplemental Training

Supplemental and Advanced Training

Additional training opportunities and courses are available to adult leaders, which may prove useful based on the leader’s individual unit responsibilities, or the available expertise within the unit. 

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